What is the function of MS word in computer

What is the function of MS word in computer

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Easy way to know the function of MS word on a computer and the importance of MS word on the computer.

Definition and History

MS Word, its full name is Microsoft Word, it is also known as Word, a Word Processor which acts as a tool to open, create, edit, formatting, share and print the document. MS Word has been developed by Microsoft, and it is also a part of the Microsoft Office ms word is currently reigning in the world of Microsoft. The function of MS word in computer function of 

How to open MS WORD 

It is very easy to open MS Word on your computer. With our knowledge, you can easily open MS WORD on your computer, my laptop works on Windows 8, maybe your computer is Windows 7, then you will take care of your computer works slightly different but you do not have to worry. Because this method works in almost all computers, then we begin to tell,


This approach is very easy and easy to understand. And most of the computers in this manner are open to their liking software. With this method, we can open “MS Word” with just four clicks. Let’s also learn how to open MS Word in this way, pay attention …
1. Click “Windows Start Button”.Or press “key looking like windows” key-board. 
2. Then click on “All Programs”. 
3. Then click on “Microsoft Office” 
4. And then click “Microsoft Office Word” and “MS Word” will open in front of you. 

Its detailed form

1. first click on “Windows Start Button”. You will find this in the lower-left corner of your computer window. The appearance of this button depends on your operating system because every “Windows” has the appearance of this button differently as well as different from you. 

2. After this, you have to click on “All Program” and it comes to you after clicking on the menu window “Windows Start Button”. 

3. Click on “All Programs” to find “Microsoft Office” from the “Menu Bar” and click on it. 

4. After clicking “Microsoft Office”, you have to click on “Microsoft Office Word” from the “Menu Bar” that comes in front of you. 

5.  After clicking “Microsoft Office Word”, “MS Word” will open in front of you. And the window of Microsoft Office Word you will be able to use     
             Second method
It is very easy to understand … 

1.First click on “Windows Start Button”. 
2. Then you type ” word” or ” winword ” in the “Windows Search Box” 
3. After this, you press the “Enter” button and you will open “MS Word” in front of you.  

Method No. 3  

1. You pressed on the keyboard help your keyboard windows key + R with a 

2. After pressing this shortcut, a window will open in front of you. This is called Windows Run Box. 

3. In its search box, you have to type “winword” or “winword”.Remember that as we tell you, you have to write ‘winword’ or ‘winword’ as it is to write like me, not to give space in it. 

4.After that click on “OK” from the mouse or press the “Enter” button from the keyboard and you will open “MS Word” in front of you. Now, 4th means the last method… 

Method 4 

This is the easiest way and you will be able to open MS WORD in one click in this way, 

1. Find the icon of “MS Word” on your desktop 

2. When you see it, take ‘Mouse’ on it and you will see that it is surrounded by a class. Now you can quickly press the left mouse button of your mouse to double-click on this icon then press‘ MS Word’ will be open. You can also save MS WORD by your name as I have saved. 

3. If you have ‘MS Word’ pinned on ‘Task Bar’ you can open ‘ MS Word ‘ by clicking on the ‘MS Word’ icon. The window of MS Word is divided into several parts. These are the function of MS word in computer

Parts of MS word

1. Office button 
Office Button is a major part of MS Word. This button is in the menu bar. This button has several options for a file or document to be created in MS Word. 

2. Quick Access Toolbar is an important part of Quick Access Toolbar MS Word. This is in Toolbar’s Title bar. We use it as a shortcut. Most tooltips in this toolbar are applied and they are connected to it. With the help of the Quick Access Toolbar, MS Word works in a little bit faster
3. Title bar
The title bar is the topmost part of the MS Word window. This time the name of the file created in Word is displayed. As long as the file will not be saved, the name of the file is not shown and “Document1” is written there. As soon as we save the file with a name, the name of the file is displayed in place of “Document1”.

4. Menu bar

The menu bar is under the title bar in Word of the Word. They can also speak the tab bar because they are now called tabs. There are many options in the menu bar, so we can do a lot of work

5. Ruler bar
Ruler bar MS Word is on two sides. The first text is at the top of the area and the second text is on the left side of the area. This tells us the page margin.

6. Status bar
The status bar is just below the text area in MS Word. This time there is a tool called “Zoom Level”, which allows the page to zoom in and zoom out. Apart from this, many tools are available at this time; Language, Word Count, Page Number, etc.

7. Scroll bar

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