Fill in some teThe entertainer Ray Liotta has kicked the bucket. As per his marketing expertxt

Liotta was in the Dominican Republic shooting the film Dangerous Waters, when he kicked the bucket in his rest. He was 67 years of age.

Also, the greatest thing that I gained from it was exactly the way in which relaxed they were — the way that easygoing Henry about occurred," said Liotta.

Liotta was brought into the world in 1954 in Newark, N.J. He experienced childhood in a neighboring Union after he was embraced by the Liotta family.

He began acting at the University of Miami, where he studied show.

After graduation, he worked little jobs in different advertisements and TV shows, yet his breakout turn was in 1986's Something Wild, coordinated by Jonathan Demme.

In 2005, Liotta won an Emmy for a visitor spot on the medical clinic show ER, playing Charlie Metcalf, a heavy drinker ex-convict who attempts to reconnect with his child.

All the more as of late, Liotta carried his unmistakable force to Shades of Blue, where he featured inverse Jennifer Lopez.