Cricket news Bangladesh Sri Lanka in trouble for World T20 2020

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Cricket news

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It is the latest cricket news, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka in trouble for Men’s World T20 2020 tournament. ICC announced some important decisions about Men’s World T20 2020 on 1st Jan 2019.

ICC declared that Men’s World T20 will be played between 16 teams. 8 World top teams got direct entry in super 12s in World T20 Cricket Championship 2020. These teams are India, Pakistan, England, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, West Indies, and Afghanistan.

But champions of World T20 2014, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are in trouble due to the latest confirmation by ICC about World T20 2020. Bangladesh and Sri Lanka failed to get direct entry in super 12s for this tournament.

Bangladesh and Sri Lanka will have to play with another team to get the entry in super 12s of Men’s World T20 2020. It will be a great opportunity for new growing teams. And challenging for unselected top class teams. Like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

These eight teams will have to play the group match to get the entry in super 12s. The eight teams selected earlier and 4 slots are vacant. Rest teams will play to full these 4 vacant slots of super 12s in Men’s World T20 2020 Championship.

The captain’s of both the teams will have to work hard with their teams. It will be not so difficult to enter in super 12s. As stated the captain of both the teams Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

It was the latest cricket news about ICC announcement for Men’s World T20 2020 due to which Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in trouble. 

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