How Tulsi herb can help you fight against Corona Virus

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Tulsi herb is an awesome gift by nature for human beings

How Tulsi herb can help you fight against Corona Virus

A large number of people all over the world are suffering from Corona Virus infection nowadays. 

Tulsi has medicinal properties that can help you fight against Corona Virus infection by boosting your immunity.

Monsoon season comes with happiness with good temperature during the fall of rainwater but also with many kinds of disease. Infections during this season remain high. 

This season provides a good ground for the breeding of mosquitoes and germs due to which many kinds of diseases such as malaria, dengue, viral fever, etc lead very fast. 

Tulsi is a very good gift by nature to fight against these seasonal problems.

This herbal plant Tulsi has miraculous medicinal properties that may protect us from seasonal infections, Corona Virus infection, and disease.

Importance of Tulsi in our life

Immunity Booster

Tulsi leaves extract contains T helper cells and natural killer cells activity due to which it prevents against all kinds of infections and diseases by killing bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi, etc. So Tulsi a great immune booster. It will help you in fighting with the Corona Virus infection.

Respiratory Disorders

It contains phytochemicals, bioflavonoids and anti-oxidants compounds such as rosmarinic acid which is very good for treating infections in respiratory tracts. Tulsi in other words Holy basil is an excellent remedy for throat problems such as a cough soothes of the throat and also reduces inflammation of chest and helps to expectorate the mucus. Corona Virus infects the respiratory system. So Tulsi herb may help you fight against Corona Virus due to its properties of curing the respiratory disorders. 

Skin Care

It helps to cure both the internal and external skin problems without any side effects because Tulsi has strong antibiotics, disinfectants, antibacterial, and antifungal effects. Using tulsi leaves or its extract oil on the skin keeps mosquitoes, Corona Virus, and other insects away.

Tulsi as Mosquito, Corona Virus repellents

This is a mint species plant with strong aroma revealing insects like mosquito, Corona Virus, fleas, and other harmful ones. Keeping this plant in the home will avoid insects bite and getting healthy air.


Fever is caused due to infections from protozoa, viruses, bacteria, and fungus. The formidable properties tulsi destroys all those pathogens and cures the resulting fever. So use Tulsi herb to fight against Corona Virus.

How to use Tulsi

You may use it directly or with honey or as tulsi tea. You may grow this plant inside or outside the home to get fresh air, fight against Corona Virus, and to keep the environment full of insect-free air.

Tulsi herbs protects from seasonal effects,  benefits, full details

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