National handloom day 2021

National handloom day 2021, history, themes, and significance, India’s handloom industry, best love trends

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National Handloom Day 2021


National Handloom Day 2021,

My name is Anand Kumar Shubham, and today we are going to tell about that special day, which not everyone will know but this day is a very special day, this day every year celebrate on 7th August.

About Handloom:

The Handloom Sector is one of the most important unorganized economic activities, and it constitutes an integral part of the agricultural and semi-rural livelihood.

Handloom weaving constitutes one of the richest and most vibrant aspects of the Indian cultural heritage. the world has the advantage of being less capital intensive, minimal use of power, eco-friendly, and versatile with small production, openness to innovations, and adaptableness to plug requirements. it’s a natural productive asset and a practice at the cottage level, which has been sustained and grown by the transfer of skill from one generation to the opposite.

From handloom sarees to Kurtis, handbags, metal crafts, and decor items to handmade paintings, check photos of belongings you can purchase to celebrate the day.

India’s handloom industry has been a serious a part of its history and heritage. it’s people working for generations and holds a special place when it involves our culture. On August 7, the country celebrates National Handloom Day. The day was first celebrated in 2015 by the union government to get awareness about the importance of the handloom industry. While synthetic and artificial products have appropriated the market, there is a spread of handlooms available within the market that draws attention. These include antiques, art, baskets, papier-mache, ceramics, textiles, paintings, metal crafts, and decor items.

National Handloom Day 2021


National Handloom Day: History and significance

The first National Handloom Day was organized by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2015 at the Centenary Hall of Madras University, Chennai. it’s the 7th National Handloom Day. The aim was to make awareness about handlooms in India.

The handloom sector is one of the main symbols of the cultural heritage of India. The day is widely known to honor the handloom community and acknowledge their contribution to India’s socio-economic development. The aim is to resolve to guard this heritage and empower the workers during this sector.

Almost every Indian state has its own unique prints and styles like Gujarat is understood for Bandhani and Patola while Rajasthan is understood for Dabu. Here are a number of the simplest handloom products that represent the Indian culture and heritage and also cater to modern tastes, 

If you’re keen on Indian wear, handloom sarees are the simplest choice to style yourself to celebrate National Handloom Day. There are several designs and varieties available for handloom sarees which will offer you an easy and stylish look. you’ll choose Bandhani print, Patola, Buti, Dabu, and Leheriya which may be paired with a contrasting blouse and Punjabi Jutti. 

Not only sarees, but you’ll also use prints like Buti, Patola, Dabu, and Leheriya in Kurtis. These are traditional sorts of tie-dye practiced mainly in Rajasthan and Gujarat. Either you’ll pair a printed kurta with plain salwar otherwise you can choose an easy kurta and printed salwar.

There are certain brands and websites that provide some amazing handloom made up of jute and cotton. From sling bags and clutches to handbags, you’ll choose any of those to style together with your dress and appearance trendy and classy. 

Metal crafts like wooden and metal garden fences will mark your boundaries a la mode. These have weather-resistant coatings and are expertly crafted for the outside. you’ll create a fusion of wood and metal which will complement your facade and architectural type. 

Handmade paintings like Madhubani paintings will add a method to your home. you’ll decorate your home with these paintings and help these local painters also. 

This day is a very good day for you and for us, on this day we should wear something new, and those who love their art also can not forget this day, although this day is not such a day. People will remember this day, but we must remember this day because this day is related to those people who work hard day and night to prepare such clothes for us. 


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