use Facebook Groups for traffic

How to use Facebook Groups for traffic, List of best FB groups

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Facebook Groups for traffic

How to drive more traffic with Facebook groups

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Facebook groups for traffic are mostly used technology by bloggers now a day. Facebook groups are great since they provide you with a pool of like-minded individuals, are excellent to establish yourself as an expert in your niche, and are perfect to understand the underlying struggles and desires of your ideal audience.

I’m Gyan Ranjan. So let’s know how to use Facebook groups for traffic, how to get traffic to your website from Facebook by using Facebook groups. How To Find Facebook Groups Worth Joining. Want to join Facebook groups to skyrocket your blog’s traffic, but don’t know where to start? Here are some pointers to find Facebook groups worth joining:

How to find the best Facebook groups for traffic

Search for specific keywords related to your niche. If you’re a blogger, for instance, search for keywords like ‘blogging’, ‘digital nomad, ‘online entrepreneur’ and ‘social media marketing’.If you’re a foodie, search for keywords like ‘recipes’, ‘cooking’, ‘chefs’, ‘food’, and ‘restaurant’.If you’re a DIY craftswoman, search for keywords like ‘arts and crafts’, ‘handmade crafts’, ‘DIY ideas’, and ‘DIY projects’.Sort through the Facebook groups that appear by analyzing the number of members in the group. You should submit your site on these trusted and free directory submission sites to get traffic.

How to select the appropriate Facebook groups for traffic 

I tend to join Facebook groups that have between 500 to 5000 members but I am open to joining groups with more or fewer members depending on the group’s rules and level of activity. If the Facebook group is public, it’s possible to gauge this before joining. If not, right after you join the group, analyze its level of activity, the engagement between members, and the number of posts per day. Find groups that foster conversation, but that also allow blog posts and/or lead magnet promotions. Try web 2.0 submission for referral traffic.

How to promote post’s on Facebook groups for traffic

Read the group rules to find out what is and what isn’t encouraged. Discard groups that forbid promotion, since this won’t help you drive traffic to your site. Groups with specific daily threads are ideal, since these direct your comments, and make it easier to interact with the other group members. Once you’re added to a new group, create a spreadsheet to sort each group based on what day of the week they offer promotional threads. You should create do-follow backlinks from high DA blog commenting sites to increase traffic.

Secrete to boosting traffic with Facebook 

So here’s the groundbreaking secret to boosting traffic with Facebook groups: post in them multiple times a day, be it to promote your lead magnets, to promote your blog posts, to answer questions, to promote your social media channels, or to promote something else. Use high-quality royalty-free images to decorate your posts.

When posting multiple times a day in the same promo thread, or directly on the Facebook group’s timeline, just make sure you delete your first comment when posting the second, and that you delete the second comment when you post the third, and so on and so forth. This will ensure that you don’t become a spammer, and get banned from the group. Play around with different times until you see what gets you the best results. As a rule of thumb, try to post something before noon, something mid-afternoon, and something closer towards the evening. You can do guest posting to increase web traffic.

How To Stand Out In Facebook Groups

Follow these powerful tips: Facebook doesn’t allow you to repeatedly post the same caption over and over again. As such, for each blog post and a lead magnet that you create, write 2-3 captions in advance. Start off with a question that targets a struggle your ideal audience wishes to solve and offer your blog post or lead magnet as a solution. You can follow these 7 best ways to increase traffic.

When promoting, mix and match the captions that you use so that Facebook doesn’t mark you as a spammer. Instead of having the small thumbnail of your blog post or lead magnet automatically popup in your comment, create a separate image to promote your offers. Plan out on Friday afternoon at what time, and what blog post and lead magnets, you’ll promoting Monday to Friday of the following week. When that day and time come around, open in different tabs all the Facebook groups that allow promotions on that day, locate the promo thread and post your comment using the guidelines talked about. Again, make sure, you joined very best Facebook groups worth joining for bloggers and online entrepreneurs to boost website traffic. You can use social bookmarking sites and traffic exchange sites to boost the traffic to your site.

List of best Facebook groups for traffic and revenue

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