Cape Cod Hotel Transforms into Paradise at Margaritaville Resort

Aloha Awaits: Cape Cod Hotel Transforms into Paradise at Margaritaville Resort

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Cape Cod Hotel Transforms: Get ready to trade in your clam chowder for cheeseburgers in paradise because Cape Cod is getting a tropical twist! The beloved Cape Codder Resort & Spa in Hyannis is undergoing a $30 million transformation and will soon emerge as the first Margaritaville resort in New England.

Opening its doors in the summer of 2024, Margaritaville Resort Cape Cod promises to whisk guests away to a world of island-inspired relaxation and Buffet-themed fun. Picture this: swaying palm trees lining the entrance, colorful beach chairs dotting the sun-drenched pool deck, and the unmistakable aroma of coconut sunscreen and margaritas wafting through the air. Sounds pretty dreamy, right?

But Margaritaville Resort Cape Cod isn’t just about laid-back vibes. The resort will offer something for everyone, from families with little Parrotheads in tow to couples seeking a romantic getaway. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:

Aloha Awaits: Cape Cod Hotel Transforms into Paradise at Margaritaville Resort

Image credit: CBS News
  • 272 guest rooms and suites: Each room will be decked out in Margaritaville’s signature style, blending island elegance with nautical touches. Think shiplap walls, pops of turquoise and coral, and comfy hammocks for those afternoon siestas.
  • Fins Up! Indoor Water Park: Splashtastic fun awaits for the young and young at heart. This 40,000-square-foot water park boasts slides, a lazy river, a wave pool, and even a splash pad for the tiniest tots.
  • Outdoor pool and St. Somewhere Spa: Soak up the sunshine by the pool or indulge in some pampering at the spa, offering treatments inspired by the islands.
  • Margaritaville-themed restaurants and bars: No Margaritaville experience is complete without indulging in some island fare and tropical cocktails. Get your fill of cheeseburgers in paradise, LandShark Lager, and, of course, margaritas at the 5 o’Clock Somewhere Bar.
  • Other amenities: The resort will also feature a state-of-the-art fitness center, a Fin City Arcade, a Parakeets Kid’s Club, and plenty of outdoor space for soaking up the Cape Cod charm.
Image credit: Tripadvisor

The arrival of Margaritaville Resort Cape Cod marks a new chapter for Hyannis and promises to inject a vibrant splash of island fun into the New England summer scene. Whether you’re a Parrothead die-hard or simply looking for a unique and relaxing escape, Margaritaville Resort Cape Cod is sure to have you saying “Cheeseburgers in paradise!” with a big smile.

So, grab your flip flops, dust off your Hawaiian shirt, and get ready to escape to Margaritaville. Cape Cod’s about to get a whole lot more laid-back (and a whole lot more fun)!

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Cape Cod Hotel Transforms into Paradise at Margaritaville Resort
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