A list of .edu sites 2021 for traffic and backlinks

A list of .edu sites 2021 for traffic and backlinks

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Hi friends, This is Shubham Anand. In this blog post, you are on the way to get the live links of .edu sites to get free .edu backlinks. You will get the definition, value, and effect of backlinks to your site.

Why you should create .edu backlinks?

Friends, .edu backlinks are too valuable for any site to rank it on the top of Google search engine. so you always try to create some .edu backlinks for your site because .gov sites are high authority sites. And backlinks from these sites will be helpful to boost your sites domain authority and page authority.

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How to create free .gov backlinks

Friends, here I’m providing step-by-step process for creating .edu backlinks by following which you can create free .edu backlinks from given list of .edu sites.

The Advantage of .edu backlinks

Backlinks are the wheels of your site with the help of which you can speed up the site

But content is the engine of your site. 

So content is the king to rank your site. 

Before getting backlinks, you should be careful about it. 

Create an SEO friendly website. 

Write unique and quality content should attractive and beneficial to the reader. 

Use long-tail keywords as a title using the keyword tool. 

Publish your post after making it SEO friendly. 

Increase traffic to your site. You can get help from the traffic exchange sites and Adwords.

 Must use social sites like facebooktwitter, etc. 

After getting Adsense approval, get paid or free do-follow backlinks to rank on Google fast. 

In this way, you can increase Adsense revenue.

The .edu sites are the educational sites with high Domain authority, Page Rank, and Trust-flow. 

So backlinks from these sites will be helpful to rank fast on Google. 

It also will increase DA, PA traffic and Adsense revenue to your site.

How to get free .edu backlinks

Click on any link from the given list of .edu site.
Read and try to understand the article.
Do a valuable comment should match the subject of the content.
Fill-up all the boxes. Follow the terms and conditions for comment.
Submit your comment.


. computing.ece.vt.edu

. dbwebcat.erau.edu

. forum.hshanps.kh.edu.tw

. forum.portal.edu.ro

. forum.tcs.uj.edu.pl/

. forums.vtti.vt.edu

. forums.ssec.wisc.edu

. h2o.law.harvard.edu/users/new

. pocketknowledge.tc.columbia.edu

. http://china.usc.edu/k12/forums

. http://wp.cune.edu

. math.nyu.edu

. my.graceland.edu

. www.lipscomb.edu

. www.nmr2.buffalo.edu/join

. wiki.education.ucsb.edu

. tecto.gps.caltech.edu

. http://www.fsec.ucf.edu/en/

. http://green.chem.cmu.edu/

. https://h2o.law.harvard.edu 

. http://hunstem.uhd.edu/

. http://ilab.usc.edu/

. https://sg.mededu.miami.edu/

. https://www.hksyu.edu/en/.

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