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6 best free traffic exchange sites to boost the traffic

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Hi friends, I’m Gyan Ranjan F/O – Shubham Anand. In this blog post, I will give all the tips to increase traffic. You will read about the 6 best traffic exchange sites to boost the traffic. Your site will rank and be popular only when the site has high traffic. So you should read this article deeply to understand the best free auto surf strategy

best free traffic exchange sites
free traffic exchange sites

How to boost your blog traffic

  • First of all, you should optimize your site to make it SEO friendly.
  • Write unique, attractive and informational content.
  • Select appropriate and attractive article using the Keyword Tool
    Publish your post after making it SEO friendly.
  • Submit your site to Google and other search engines
  • Use SEO friendly Templates for your site.
  • Improve your activity on Social Sites.
  • Share your posts regularly on Social Sites
  • Try to increase the SEO score.
  • Apply a link building strategy
  • Follow the ways to get free do-follow backlink

These are some important rules too necessary to increase the traffic to your site. We are in this post to know the 6 best traffic exchange sites to boost the traffic. So come to the point

What are the traffic exchange sites

The traffic exchange sites are those sites who allow it’s members to visit other sites.

As a result, your site will be visited by other members registered in those traffic exchange sites.

You will be paid for your visit if you do not want to exchange site. You will be paid via PayPal. Some of these sites are using auto surf. You can do other work together using this auto surf site.

Some of these sites are manual. You can’t do other work on your device when using this manual surf site. You can dramatically increase traffic to your site using these traffic exchange sites. But the maximum use of these sites to increase traffic may be harmful to your site. So use these sites carefully.

6 best traffic exchange site 

1. Hitleap

This is a very good and leading traffic exchange site. It is an auto surf site. The use of this site is very simple. Easy sign-up process. You will have to submit your site, watch others site, as a result, your site will be visited by others. If you don’t want to watch another’s site then you have an option to buy traffic. If you don’t want to exchange your site after watching others site, you have an option to get paid via PayPal. The minimum cash out is only 5$. So this site is very simple, easy to use, and reliable.

2. Rank BoostUp

This is also a good site to increase traffic. This site is an auto surf site. You can boost your site’s Alexa ranking using this site because you earn minutes by watching others site. Your earning minutes will be used to increase watch time and traffic to your site. You will have to verify Alexa Toolbar to use this site. You have an option to buy credits to increase rank and traffic.

3. EasyHits4u

This is also an awesome traffic exchange site. This is a manual surf site. You will have to solve a captcha during watching other sites. So visit from this site is real. As the above sites, it also allows members to buy traffic. You can get paid via PayPal for your watching.

4. 10KHits

This is also a good site as usual other sites. This is also an auto surf site. This site is very popular due to it’s the best result. Sign Up for this site, submit your site, watch other’s sites. Your site will be watched by other members or you can get paid for your watch. This site also allows it’s members to buy credits to boost traffic.

5. TrafficG

This is also a famous traffic exchange site to boost traffic.The process is the same as the above sites. Register, watch other’s sites and as a result, your site will be watched.

6. APSense

This is a social site. This site has a special feature. It allows it’s members to do traffic exchange. This is a very good and popular site. You can submit as many links as you wish. You will get high traffic from this site as I experienced. There are so many features on this site that I have never seen on other sites. You can earn points, likes, and cash from this site by doing a simple task.

These are the 6 best traffic exchange sites with the help of which you can boost the traffic to your website or blog.

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