Finally MoviePass is back, will be available this September

Finally MoviePass is back, will be available this September

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MoviePass is back

As the weather turns cold and rainy, we’re all looking forward to hunkering down in front of the big screen with M&Ms and popcorn. Sitting in a dark theater is the ultimate escape into visual storytelling. And to aid us in that pursuit, the MoviePass deal is coming back as the New MoviePass, reports The Wrap. This great incentive lets you watch movies at multiple theaters for one flat fee. However, during the beta phase of the relaunch, there won’t be an unlimited ticket option yet.

The New MoviePass comes in three price tiers of $10, $20 or $30 which involve credits to watch movies; details still murky. You can get on a free waitlist August 25-29 to get priority access to the service and 10 friend invitations. Once the waitlist closes, you can only join with a friend’s invitation. Sounds very exclusive and VIP, ammirite? The service itself will launch on or around Labor Day, September 5. 

Interestingly, the service will start first in regions where the waitlist signups show the most interest and engagement, as well as having theaters on board to participate, so if you really want your town to be included, strongarm your buddies into joining the waitlist. Major theaters that accept major credit cards will be featured in the service.

MoviePass was crazy popular with 3 million users years ago. But it melted down when demands for tickets in 2018 fried the company’s circuit board, reports Joblo. The company filed for bankruptcy in 2020 when Covid closed down theaters.

If you were previously a MoviePass member before its demise, you will get complimentary bonus credits added to your account when you join. You must be age 18+ to participate, so no, you teens can’t penetrate the R-rated movie line by using this app!

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