Nicki Minaj slams 'COWARD' Kevin Federline for Britney Spears parenting claims

Nicki Minaj slams ‘COWARD’ Kevin Federline for Britney Spears parenting claims

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Nicki Minaj considered Kevin Federline a “jokester” and a “quitter” and advised him to leave her previous visit mate, Britney Spears, “the f* alone,” in a long and blistering livestream on Amp on Tuesday, Aug. 17. The rapper was answering negative cases Kevin as of late made about Britney’s nurturing of their adolescent children, Jayden and Preston, who he said on ITV “have chosen … are not seeing” their mother “at the present time. Image Source

” While Britney pummeled the meeting as “terrible,” Nicki went a whole lot further, getting down on the vocalist’s ex for purportedly attempting to “break” her since she’s currently cheerfully remarried to Sam Asghari, and reminding Kevin Britney’s actually covering a large part of the bill for his way of life 15 years after they split. “Do you comprehend what sort of a comedian you must be to be an entire, developed f**** man, and when you see someone blissful and getting hitched and continuing on and being free and feeling better in their own skin, to do the very thing that you know will endeavor to separate them?

” Nicki said on Amp, as per Page Six. “Just quitters utilize the media against a once cherished, celebrity, they multiplied with, they’re being dealt with by, they used to be being dealt with by, involving the individual’s notoriety as this consistent ‘gotcha’ second,” she proceeded. “You believe it’s OK? You imagine that anyone will feel frustrated about you?” she asked, adding that Britney “loves her children more than life itself.” Nicki proceeded to call attention to Kevin’s strategies could hurt his relationship with them later on.

“How horrendously awful of you. How might you venture to urge this lady’s kids to be a piece of your rubbish,” she said. “At the point when they think back, they will say, ‘Why, why, for what reason did we do this?’ They’re kids. They don’t have any idea how negative this is. However, you know … ” Before shutting, she cautioned him to leave her companion “alone.” Britney and Kevin were hitched from 2004 until 2007.

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